Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

The Offensively Ordinary Steps to Godliness – Scott Hubbard (DG)
The pursuit of holiness, then, is both easier and harder than many of us imagine: Easier because our growth in grace often happens gradually, one small step at a time. Harder because sanctification has now invaded all of life. Holiness is hidden in offensively ordinary tasks, and those tasks are all around us.

Gratitude Leads to Joy – Gavin Ortlund
What I have been experiencing is that this simple habit of directing our focus on the good things in my life has the most incredible power to create joy.

6 Powerful Keys To Overcoming Anger – Mark Altrogge
Here is the most helpful question to ask ourselves when we are feeling angry: What is it that I want right now that I’m not getting?

3 Reasons Drifting From the Faith Starts With Drifting From the Church – Michael Kelley
We must not abandon the church if we want to persevere in the faith. We must keep going to keep ourselves going. The church is God’s gift to us – each one of us – not so that we have a perfect experience there, but because we are weak, and we really do need the help.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day with your local church!

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