Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Maintaining Confidence in the Process – Tim Challies
The Christian life has a way of challenging us, of cutting against our haste. It challenges us that the ordinary state of affairs when it comes to spiritual growth is slower than we’d like it to be and slower than we thought it would be. It challenges us not to expect shortcuts, but to accept slow gains. It challenges us to have confidence in the process.

4 Reasons to Stop Grumbling – Cassie Watson
The Bible shows that grumbling has been a problem for humans for a very long time—and that it’s not acceptable for Christians. Here are four biblical reasons why we should stick a lid on our complaints.

5 Actions of Faithful Evangelists – William Boekestein (CC)
As a Christian you want other people to get saved. You know that God uses means in the salvation of others and you want God to use you but you might not know how. Here are five actions of faithful evangelists.

Your Church Needs You to Sing – Nick Aufenkamp (DG)
So, when the music starts this weekend, don’t underestimate what happens as you sing. You are engaging your heart, teaching those around you (and receiving teaching), and declaring God’s faithfulness. The simple act of lifting your voice in song may well be the most significant way you serve your church this Sunday.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day singing with your local church!

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