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Everyone is thinking about the coronavirus, and it is important for us to think about it as Christians.  So here are some good posts toward that end:

The FAQs: Coronavirus Explained by an Infectious Disease Expert and Pastor – Miguel Nunez (TGC)
This is a good time for Christians to demonstrate sanity, peace, and hope, recognizing that our lives do not depend on the entry of a micro-organism into our bodies. Instead, it depends on the God who determines the beginning and the end of our history on earth.

Should Christians Be Anxious About the Coronavirus? – Todd Wagner (TGC)
Prayer-infused confidence, compassion, and selflessness should mark how we talk about the coronavirus. Why? Because our Savior put on flesh (John 1:14) and stepped into our sickness, sin, and death. He healed the sick and cared for the hurting. We must do likewise.

Anxiety, Waiting and the Coronavirus – Alasdair Groves (CCEF)
A virus is seeping across the world and has reached our shores, and we don’t know how treacherous it’s going to be. God is calling us to continue forward in love of neighbor and service to his kingdom, but all we can see are public surfaces potentially covered in germs and neighbors who may be walking vectors of disease.

Neighbor Love in the Era of COVID-19 – Kathryn Butler (TGC)
The question we should be asking ourselves, isn’t which supplies to stockpile in preparation for an apocalypse, but rather how to support those at real risk for losing their lives to this swiftly moving disease.

Dear Christian, When The Pandemic Hits, This Is Our Time – Akos Balogh  (TGC)
But whatever happens, dear Christian, know this: this is our time. God has raised us up for such a time as this. It’s no accident you’re here.  This is our time to think not about ourselves, but about our neighbours. Many of whom are scared, and will only grow more so as the virus spreads. This is our time to hold out the Word of Life to those around us—and give hope to those who are afraid, and are wondering what’s going to happen. This is our time to trust our God no matter what the future brings. For, unlike our secular neighbours, we know where our hope lies. We know where our security lies. We know where our future lies.

The Best Laid Plans – Matthew Hosier
The world we have created tends to make us very arrogant. We feel we are in control because of the general predictability of our systems and services. But really we are not. CV19 is humbling us.

Ten Things I’ve Loved about the Coronavirus Lockdown – Jonathan Whitman Coronavirus is scary.   Certainly a few important questions come to mind: When will it end?   Will we survive? How will we pay the bills? How will I survive the boredom of being stuck inside with nothing to do?  The good news is that God ordered Israel to stop often…not just once a week. There were good reasons for that. Here are a few tips I have come up with from my first week of lockdown.

You’re Not a Bad Pastor If You Cancel Services Over COVID-19 – Ronnie Martin (FTC)
In the end, you’re not a bad pastor if you cancel services over COVID-19. In this unique season, God will provide you with wisdom and faithfulness as you seek His face. Allow the assurance of Christ and the riches of his gospel to be the death of any guilt, anxiety, or fear that threatens to condemn you. Be reassured by His faithfulness, and rest well.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A Guide for Christian Leaders – Andy Crouch (Praxis)
The reason to alter our practices, especially the way we gather (see below), is not self-protection. For one thing, in the case of this particular virus, if individuals are young and healthy, infection may pose not much more threat than the ordinary seasonal flu. The change is needed because our vulnerable neighbors — those of any age with compromised immune systems, and those over 70 years old — are at grave risk. One of the basic axioms of the Christian life is that the “strong” must consider the “weak” (see Rom. 15). We are making these choices not to minimize our own risk, but to protect others from risk.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day celebrating our hope in the Lord!

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