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Here are some good posts to help us learn from and respond to the coronavirus situation:

10 Gifts I Pray God Gives The Church Through The Coronavirus – Orion Berridge (FTC)
Today, I am going to pray that these 10 things would happen and I am going to lead his church toward these things because I have fresh hope – a hope like I have never had before!

8 Things the Coronavirus Should Teach Us – Mark Oden (TGC)
The story of the Bible is the story of a God who entered a world infected with this virus. He lived among sick people, not wearing a chemical protective suit but breathing the same air as we do, eating the same food as we do. He died in isolation, excluded from his people, seemingly far from his Father on a cross—all that he might provide this sick world with an antidote to the virus, that he might heal us and give us eternal life.

10 Ways in which this Coronavirus Pandemic Can Be for Our Good – Brian Najapfour
So how can this coronavirus be for our good? Let me suggest ten ways in which this virus can be for our good.

How To Make the Most of Lockdown (Tips from Christians in Italy) – Clay Kannard
So, this is a new, once-in-a-lifetime (I hope) experience and we are learning as we go. What are some of the things we have learned in these past weeks since lockdown began?

9 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in This Pandemic – Justin Whitmel Earley (TGC)
One of the primary postures of a Christian is outward. Our salvation means that the curse of the inward curve of sin is broken, and we’re now free to turn outward—to love God and neighbor.

Hope you have a good Lord’s Day meeting online with your local church!

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