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In Christ

Peace in Christ, not panic. Trust in Christ, not terror. Faith in Christ, not fear.

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Q&A#13: Ten Commandments

Q/A#13 Q: What summary of instructions did God give us in the Old Testament to live morally upright? A: God gave us the Ten Commandments. And God spoke all these words, saying, “I am the Lord your God, who brought … Continue reading

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A New Start

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I have not been posting much for the last several months.  Life has been busy.  And I’ve wondered how important it is to do this blogging thing. At the same time, I have … Continue reading

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Old Testament Break

Just a short post to say that I am taking summer off from our study and reflections on the Old Testament.  Planning to resume them in the Fall.  I’ll continue to post other things as I have time…

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Rubbing and Smoothing

God is using the different people, the contrasting personalities, in your church to change your heart. He’s using the difficult people, the annoying people, the sinful people. He’s placed you together so you can rub off each other’s rough edges…. … Continue reading

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OT Study

There isn’t an Old Testament study this week.  Our Sunday School class is taking a week off from our walk through the Bible to consider some of the Biblical truths that were highlighted in the Reformation….

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Bible Journey Break

Our Sunday School class didn’t get through Judges 1-5  on Sunday, so there won’t be a new study or reflections this week.

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Bible Journey Break Again

Just a quick post to say that there will not be any OT study or reflections for the next three weeks.  Each week’s study and reflections are tied to my church’s Sunday School class, and we are taking a few … Continue reading

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This Week

Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday celebrating our risen Savior! This week we are going back to our journey through the Bible, focusing on Exodus 14-20. Also resuming this week after a long break is the Prayer Quote of … Continue reading

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And I’m Back…

Tried to start my computer last Friday, and it wouldn’t boot.  Finally got my new computer yesterday – along with all my files from the other computer.  Amazing how much of my life is tied to the computer and my … Continue reading

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