We are a people of passion.  If we do not have a passion for God, we will have a passion for something else.  Passion for other things keeps us from having a passion for God.  A passion for anything before God makes that thing into an idol.  Idolatry is one of our biggest problems.  This page gives links both to this blog and other blogs on this important issue in our lives.  Below you also find recommended books that address our fight against idolatry.

Three Passions

Overcoming Idolatry

The Emptiness of Idolatry

Behind the Curtain of Idolatry


Idolatry and What We Treasure

Idolatry: What is in Your Wagon?

Idolatry and Where We Place Our Trust

Idolatry and Our Willingness To Suffer Persecution

Behind Every Sin Is an Idol

Idolatry and Things

Idolatry and Success

Idolatry and the Media

Anxious Idolatry
Excerpt: And your idol will make you anxious.  Why?  Because your idol can be threatened.

Idolatry and Anger
Excerpt: Whatever your idol, when it is threatened you will be tempted to get angry.

Fragmentary Thoughts on Idolatry

Walking All Over Your Idols
Excerpt: God placed us in the church to help reveal our idols, to change us, to draw us nearer to him.

Other Voices Quoted at Three Passions

Substitute For God – David Wells
Excerpt: Why do people choose the substitute over God himself?  Probably the most important reason is that it obviates accountability to God.

The Giver and the Gifts – Tim Chester
The danger of turning God’s gifts into idols.  Excerpt: But a good thing can become a “god-thing” if it eclipses God, if the gift matters more to us than the Giver….

Idolatry and Addictions – Edward Welch
Quotes from his book: Addictions: A Banquet in the Grace on the relationship between addictions and idolatry. Excerpt: The true nature of all addictions is that we have chosen to go outside the boundaries of the kingdom of God and look for blessings in the land of idols.

Idolatry and Anxiety – Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Dennis E. Johnson
They show the connection between anxiety and idolatry.  Excerpt: When we find ourselves feeling anxious, that feeling tells us that something we treasure is being threatened….We have other gods.

Other Voices From Other Blogs

Worship, Fear, and Idolatry – Tullian Tchividjian

Idolatry and Blogging – Trevin Wax

The Deception of Idolatry – Hunger and Thirst

Always in Orbit – Ray Ortlund

We Are All Worshippers – Darrin Patrick
Features a helpful list of questions to help us expose our idols.  Excerpt: Whenever we stop worshiping God, we worship some kind of substitute instead of God.

The Idolatrous, Adulterous Elevation of Desire – Paul David Tripp (via Thabiti Anyabwile)
Excerpt: An idolatrous heart will produce idol words, words that serve the idol that grips us.  It is hard for us to hold our desires loosely.  Instead, they tend to take hold of us.

The Idols We Worship – Joel S. interacting with Johan Herman Bavinck (via Trevin Wax)
Addresses three common idols: money, honor, and pleasure.  Excerpt: While God made us to serve himself, we twist that desire into service of the things that he has created.

Prosperity or Idolatry – Voddie Baucham
Excerpt: Our pursuit of prosperity can turn into idolatry if we are not careful.

Why I John Ends with a Command – David Powlison (via Justin Taylor)
Excerpt: John’s last line properly leaves us with that most basic question which God continually poses to each human heart: Has something or someone besides Jesus the Christ taken title to your heart’s trust, preoccupation, loyalty, service, fear and delight?

The Idolatry of Spiritual Laziness – Jared Wilson
Excerpt: Laziness is idolatry. It is closely related to its opposite—workaholism. Both the sins of laziness and workaholism are sins of self-worship. The behavior looks different, but the root idolatry is the same.

Worship Distorted – Bill Clem
Exerpt: The root of idolatry is pride….A proud heart sees itself as central and God as the one who must find his place of orbit in the proud heart’s universe.

The Church and Idolatry – Jared Wilson (via Ligonier Ministries)
On Sundays, our sanctuaries fill with people seeking worship, and not one person comes in set to neutral. We must take great care, then, not to assume that even in our religious environments, where we put the Scriptures under so many noses, that it is Jesus the exalted Christ who is being worshiped.

Recommended Books

Counterfeit Gods – Timothy Keller  (BookLook)

You Are The Treasure That I Seek – Greg Dutcher (Highly Recommended!)

3 Responses to Idolatry

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  3. Dennis Labriola says:

    My wife and I suffer from Idolatry. We need help, as everyone is our family is shinning away from us. We are selfish and greedy and will never inconvience ourselves for anyone. We know that but can’t seem to help ourselves. We love being the center of attention even though we know it angers people around us. F

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