Reflections on Psalms 105-109

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • Saved to Walk with God – Psalm 105 recounts God saving Israel from Egypt – that “they might keep his statutes and observe his laws” (v45). Psalm 106 tells of Israel’s repeated failure to do what they were saved to do.  What about you?  God saved you that you might walk with him.  Are you?  What changes do you need to make?
  • Saved by Love – Psalm 107 recounts several stories of people who were in deep trouble who cried out to God, and God saved them. In response they should give thanks to God for his love.  What story from your life could you add to this psalm?  Thank God for his saving love.
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What God Hates

Tim Challies recently finished an excellent series on eight things God hates.  In Challies’ words:

The God who loves must also hate. The God who loves all that is good and pure and holy must hate all that is evil and defiled and perverse. 

If we are going to love God, we must hate what he hates.  If we are going to love people, we must hate what God hates since these things that he hates are also hurtful to people.

So below are links to the first four.  I encourage you to take the time to read them, and examine your life.  Where do you see these tendencies in your life?  For which of these might you need to repent and find forgiveness in the sacrifice of our Savior?

God Hates Idolatry

God Hates Sexual Immorality

God Hates Injustice

God Hates Hypocrisy

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Prayer Quote of the Week

praying-hands-smOne reason your prayer life may be drooping is that you have neglected the Holy Scriptures. Prayer is a two-way conversation. We need to listen to God, not just talk to Him.

– Joel Beeke

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Reflections on Psalms 101-104

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • Integrity – In Psalm 101, David expresses his desire to walk with integrity. He ponders the way that is blameless.  He guards his eyes from worthless things.  He wants nothing to do with evil.  How well does this describe you?  What steps do you need to take to walk with integrity before God?
  • God’s Love – Psalm 104 presents God as our Creator and Sustainer. Despite the fact that we are small before him (and even sinners), God still shows his compassion to us (Psalm 103).  Ponder his care for you – and give thanks.
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Classic Quote

OldBooksSurely that man must be in an unhealthy state of soul who can think of all that Jesus suffered, and yet cling to those sins for which that suffering was undergone.

– J.C. Ryle

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Psalms 101-109: The Love Of God

(102, 104) How would you describe God according to 102:25-27 and 104:1-35?

(103) How would you describe people – morally (v6-12) and physically (v13-18)?  How does this contrast with God?

How does God respond to us (v8, 11-12, 17)?

(105-106) God demonstrates his love towards his people by remembering his covenant with them (106:45).  Trace the ways he remembered his covenant (105:7-11) to Israel in these two psalms.

How are his actions towards Israel good examples of love?

How should God’s people respond to his love (105:1-6, 45; 106:1, 47)?  What might this look like in our daily lives?

(107) For each of the following passages, describe the situation, God’s loving response, and how we should respond:

v4-9 –

v10-16 –

v17-22 –

v23-32 –

(101, 108, 109) How should we further respond to God’s love in 101:1-8, 108:1-5, 109:21-26?

(101-109) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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Passion Week: Power

Sunday: Power – He Is Risen!
Read Mark 16:1-8

Prayer: Father, thank you for the resurrection – your seal of approval for the sacrifice Jesus made.  Thank you for the joy and wonder of a new life with my risen Savior.  Thank you for the hope of my own resurrection when Jesus returns.  Amen.

Reflect/Discuss: Why is each sentence in this prayer a reason to rejoice?  How can you express your joy today?

Praise: Sing “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today”

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Passion Points

Here are some helpful posts for your Easter weekend:

A Savior Stepped Forward – Greg Morse (DG)

Why We Call the Worst Friday ‘Good’ – David Mathis (DG)

6 Things Christ Does With Your Sin – Jared Wilson

Waiting on Saturday for Sunday’s Redemption – Kelly Mott (TGC)

9 Things You Need to Know about the Resurrection – Kevin Carson

Split Rocks, Open Tombs, Raised Bodies – John Piper (DG)

Hope you have a great Resurrection Sunday!

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Passion Week: Pain

Saturday: Pain of Loss and Failure – Struggling Without Hope
Read Mark14:26-31, 14:66-72, 15:40-47

Prayer: Father, I cannot imagine this day for Peter.  What was it like for him to lose Jesus and fail him all in one day?  To struggle without hope?  And Father, if Jesus had remained in the grave, I too would be without hope.  All would be lost.  Help me today to remember how hopeless life would be without the glorious news that tomorrow brings.  Amen.

Reflect/Discuss: What would your life be like if Jesus had stayed in the grave?

Praise: No singing today.  Wait with anticipation for tomorrow.

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It’s Friday…

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