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Ministry Collection

Here are some good posts about preaching: Preach the Word. Just Preach the Word. – Paul Martin 10 Point Sermon Checklist – Peter Grainger Moving Beyond One-Dimensional Sermon Applications – Michael Kruger Advertisements

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Our Task

Our task is to hear God’s voice, believe his words, and follow Jesus even when life is hard. – Edward Welch in Side by Side

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Gentle Discipline

What do you wish? Shall I come to you with a rod, or with love in a spirit of gentleness (meekness)?  – I Corinthians 4:21 ESV (Other Translations)  I, Paul, myself entreat (urge, beseech, appeal to) you, by the meekness … Continue reading

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading: Distraction Can Cost You Everything – Jon Bloom (DG) So whatever it takes, we must pay attention to what we hear. For Jesus’s ways and words are often counterintuitive, and we … Continue reading

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Sermon Songs: Revelation 22:1-5

We are longing for the Garden, Living Water flowing through Bright as crystal in this Eden, Life with God for me and you We are longing, We are thirsting, We yearn for Christ to return In this Garden – the … Continue reading

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Love and Worship

Who we love above all else is who we worship, and who we worship controls us. – Edward Welch in Side by Side

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Experience His Love

The more we experience the Father’s love, the more we will learn to trust him, even in times of extreme need and desperate helplessness. – Phil Ryken in Loving the Way Jesus Loves

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Gentle Marriage

[Wives:] But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle (meek) and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. – I Peter 3:4 ESV (Other Translations)  Likewise, husbands, live … Continue reading

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Q&A#7: The Word of God

Q/A#7 Q: How did we receive the Word of God? A: We received the Word of God through holy men who wrote as they were led by the Holy Spirit. Knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture … Continue reading

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Gentle Words

A soft (gentle) answer turns away wrath (anger), but a harsh (grievous) word stirs up anger (wrath).  – Proverbs 15:1 ESV (Other Translations) A gentle (soothing, wholesome, healing) tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness (devious) in it breaks … Continue reading

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