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Reflections on Isaiah 32-35

A king will reign in righteousness, but first judgment must come upon the nations. God Is Our Salvation – In times of trouble, we should look to the Lord to be our salvation (33:2). He gives us stability in the … Continue reading

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Church Collection

Here are some good posts on the importance of church membership: Why Churches Should Have Meaningful Membership – Erik Raymond 6 Reasons Why Membership Matters – Kevin DeYoung Why Join a Church – David Mathis (DG)

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Q&A#6: The Word of God

Q/A#6 Q: What is the Word of God? A: The Word of God is his flawless, unchanging, living, and abiding Word to us, consisting of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Forever, O Lord, your Word is firmly … Continue reading

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There is nothing I need more in my life than more of the love of Jesus. – Phil Ryken in Loving the Way Jesus Loves

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Reflections on Isaiah 28-31

Judgment is coming upon Jerusalem, but restoration will follow. Look to the Lord – In their calamity, Jerusalem looked to Egypt rather than God for help. God made clear that Egypt could not help them.  Are you looking to the … Continue reading

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Classic Quote

If I have no love I am not just useless but a positive nuisance. – John Chrysostom

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Isaiah 28-35: Look to the Lord

(28) Where did Ephraim look for a crown of glory and beauty (v1)?  Where should they have looked (v5)?  Where do we tend to look? God offered rest to Judah, but they refused (v12). They looked elsewhere for refuge (v14-15).  … Continue reading

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading: Holiness Will Make You Unbelievably Happy – Jon Bloom (DG) God’s call to move “further up and further in” in holiness is an invitation to joy! Gentleness – All About Communication … Continue reading

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Sermon Songs: Revelation 13:11-14:5

The Beast demands all to worship, His statue – a stupid scam Hear the voice of heaven’s worship, Full of beauty to the Lamb Come and worship, Come and worship Come let us worship the Lamb Behold the Beast his … Continue reading

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Reflections on Isaiah 24-27

God will bring judgment upon the earth, but a glorious day will follow. Worship – This passage is filled with worship – praising and giving glory to God (24:14-16, 25:1). We can praise him because he is our stronghold, a … Continue reading

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