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Revelation Quote

We must come to the point where what matters most to us is faithfulness to God.  Faithfulness to the Word of God and the gospel must be more important to us than pleasure, more important to us than leisure, and … Continue reading

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Reflections on I Kings 1-2

David makes Solomon the next king and charges him to be faithful to God. Exalting Oneself – Adonijah exalted himself as the next king only to be humbled when David made Solomon king. Later Adonijah tried a new scheme to … Continue reading

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I Kings 1-5: The Call to Faithfulness

(2) God wanted David’s descendants to walk before Him in faithfulness with all their heart and soul (v4).  What does faithfulness to God look like in the context of v3? Why does faithfulness require us to pay close attention to … Continue reading

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Joshua 8-17: Faithfulness

(8-17) What promise did God make to Abraham back in Genesis 12:6-7?  How does God show his faithfulness to keep his promise in chapters 10-12? In chapters 14-17? How has God shown himself to be faithful to keep his promises … Continue reading

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